Zoos & Theme Parks Projects

Building Products Plus offers long-lasting building materials for theme parks, zoos, and water parks. From poles and timbers to custom rafter tails and specialty hardware, we can supply zoo and theme park builders with everything they need.

We have supplied parks projects all across the United States.

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Standard Materials for Theme Parks & Zoos

The list below shows materials we most commonly supply for specialty parks projects. The most commonly requested wood is pine and treated pine. Other species such as cedar, oak, and fir are available.

Structural Timber Products for Zoos

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Custom Wood Products and Components

Our experienced production professionals, lean and flexible production capabilities, and manufacturing ingenuity mean we can make nearly anything you ask for. We are happy to discuss your project over rough drawings or CAD files. Simply let us know what you need.Custom products we commonly produce include:

  • Timber Trusses
  • Custom Rafter Tails
  • Custom Corbels
  • Custom Brackets
  • Gun Barrel Pilings – not taper round wood pilings
  • Custom Bollards
  • You Name It — Custom Cutting & Milling for Anything You Can Imagine


Specialty & Custom Hardware

We supply a complete range of standard hardware such as bolts, screws, spikes, and post base anchors as well as many specialty and custom hardware components for theme parks and zoos including:

  • Steel Brackets
  • Over-Sized Bolts
  • Timber Bolts
  • Cable
  • Steel Brackets
  • Over-Sized Bolts

  • Timber Bolts
  • Cable
  • Cable Clamps
  • Anchors
  • Grips and Clamps

This is not a complete list. If you are looking for special hardware for your theme park project, call us at (800) 716-0636 TOLL FREE to get a quote.

Polymer Coating for Wood Products

For ultimate longevity, have your wood components coated with Polyshield polymer coating. It encapsulates the wood surfaces coated, protecting your wood components from moisture, insects, and even UV rays. Coating wood products with the poly coating can easily double the life of materials used outdoors — even for structures built in water. Over the years, we have coated many zoo and theme park products such as:

  • Handrails
  • Trash Cans
  • Recycling Bins
  • Timbers

  • Pilings
  • Dome Top Guide Poles
  • Fence Posts

If longevity is important for your project, ask your project consultant about coating your wood components with the polymer wood coating.

Numerous Options for Long-Lasting, Safe, Wood Products

There are nearly unlimited possibilities. We understand that many of the building materials you need must meet higher-than-usual standards of quality, safety, and longevity which is why we offer so many options:

  • Wood Species – pine, oak, cedar, fir, more
  • Treatment Options – CCA, MCQ, ACQ, more
  • Finish Options – full rough (for timbers), smooth (S4S), or distressed
  • Poly Coating – zone coating or full coating to increase longevity; multiple colors available

  • Pre-Drilling – receive your materials pre-drilled and ready to install
  • Pre-Cutting – receive your materials pre-cut to your specs
  • Custom Production – completely custom rafter tails, trusses, bollards, and more

Your materials can be delivered exactly as you specify — ready to install upon delivery. How much time can you save in on-site labor and materials handling?

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