Commercial Project Expertise

Excellent materials, Superior service, and Impressive capabilities in logistics and production.


Snapjacket Pilings Repair

Repair & protect rotted pilings in the water with vinyl piling jackets.

Gun Barrel Pilings: No-Taper Solid Wood Pilings Up to 52 Feet Long

All the strength of round pilings with the uniformity of square for a natural -- yet refined -- appearance.

BPP trucks

Powered by Natural Gas

Our entire fleet of semi trucks is fueled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for cleaner, more efficient shipping.


Explore the Interactive Marine & Shoreline Graphic

A complete range of treated wood and extended-life building materials for any marine and shoreline project.

We have the wood for your next project, no matter the type or scope. Contact us today.

Structures built to last

Building Products Plus offers design assistance and the optimum materials to make your project succeed. We supply extended-life structural building materials worldwide.

Marine & Shoreline

Building Products Plus specialize in treated wood and extended-life building materials for marine and shoreline projects.

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Commercial & Residential 

Our successful history with construction projects is built upon consultants that understand the unique needs of your project.

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Industrial & Custom Production

We manufacture quality wood components and equipment including solid uniform diameter poles and columns, custom corbels and much more.

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Zoos & Theme Parks

We offer long-lasting building materials for theme parks, zoos, and water parks, including poles and timbers to custom rafter tails and specialty hardware.

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Featured Products:

Gun Barrel Pilings

  • Solid Wood Pilings
  • No Taper, Uniform Appearance
  • Available up to 50′ long, 20″ diameter


  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Top Choice for Docks, Piers, & Boat Houses
  • Incredibly rigid due to internal truss structure

Timber Trusses

  • Available up to 70' wide
  • Numerous wood finish options
  • Equally structural as they are aesthetic

IPEMA Certified Wood Playground Chips

  • Safeguard Your Playground with IPEMA-Certified Chips
  • 100% Natural and Safe
  • The Perfect Choice for Your Playground