Engineered Wood Products

Wood Shavings, Chips, and Sawdust for Animal Bedding, Playgrounds, and Landscaping

Building Products Plus supplies high quality, long lasting engineered wood products farms, playgrounds, and landscaping projects. Innumerable playgrounds, farms, and zoos throughout Texas, Louisiana, and all along the Gulf Coast are supplied with engineered wood products from Building Products Plus.

Available in bags or bulk. 

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Engineer Wood Fibers (EWF)

One of our most popular playground materials is Engineered wood fiber (EWF), other names for this material are kiddie mulch and playground chips. This material has a high moisture content and has a long-life span. Our playground chips have been installed in parks all over the Houston area. EWF can also be used for landscaping and arena footing. Its durability is one of its greatest qualities, not to mention the price. We offer this product in 4 cubic ft bags, and we can sell bulk, we deliver all over the Greater Houston area.

ProductEngineered wood fiber (EWF)
Longevity5 years to biodegrade
Wood Type100% Clean Southern Yellow Pine (EWF)
Moisture40% to 60% annual range
Density288lbs per cubic yards Average
Bark2% Average
Accepts0.45CM – 4.5CM 90%
Overs4.5CM 5% Maximum
Fines4.5CM 5% Maximum

Wood Shavings

Our pine shavings are one of the most popular animal bedding options because they have a wonderful effect at controlling odors and have natural insecticidal properties. Our wood shavings have a small level of moisture content in them, we offer our 4 cubic ft bags of shavings in a perforated bag that can be stored anywhere. Each shavings bag weighs approximately 40lb, we also offer bulk shavings options with or without the bags. We can deliver anywhere locally and accept trailers that can haul off the material as well.


One of the finest pine sawdust on the market is derived from our Wood Mizer, which makes a finer sawdust than your ordinary mill. We offer this product in accumulated bulk orders, and we offer sawdust in 4 cubic ft bags which weigh approximately 50-60lbs. Our sawdust has a high moisture content as the material that it has been derived from is green.

Molder Chips

Molder chips' appearance is a combination of sawdust and shavings, this product has a high moisture content and has been found to be excellent for animal bedding, this product is an alternative to shavings and sawdust, the cost runs about 10-15% less than market shavings. The moisture content is a bit higher as it is fabricated by lumber that is still classified as green. We offer this product in 4 cubic ft bags weighing approximately 50-60lbs. This product can be sold in bulk as well.

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