Marine and Shoreline Construction Projects

Since 1993, Building Products Plus supplies long-lasting structural building materials to marine and shoreline construction projects.

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Featured Products:

Gun barrel pilings at a zoo

Gun Barrel Pilings

  • Solid Wood Pilings
  • No Taper, Uniform Appearance
  • Available up to 50′ long, 20″ diameter

EcoPile Piling Boathouse Dock


  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Top Choice for Docks, Piers, & Boat Houses
  • Incredibly rigid due to internal truss structure

Marine and Shoreline Construction Materials

Building Products Plus specializes in treated wood and extended-life building materials for marine and shoreline projects . We have a successful history with bulkheads, retaining walls, docks and piers, and other marine and shoreline projects all along the Gulf Coast.

Our project consultants understand that your project needs to move forward, that you have crews who need materials, and that your clients expect results.

Our quality long-lasting materials include:

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Building Products Plus Quality and Service

Using Building Products Plus as your supplier means you will build with the best materials and our custom manufacturing capabilities provide you with more options for designs and solutions. Our capabilities are your capabilities. Building Products Plus is more than an excellent materials supplier. We are your partner.

For ultra longevity in your next marine project, ask about our polymer coated wood - all the strength of wood with the longevity of vinyl products. Coated pilings are invincible against marine borers, UV harm, and fungal rot and decay.

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