Extended Life Building Materials and Materials Consulting Services

Company Summary: We are the reliable, big, competitive manufacturer and supplier of extended life building materials and industrial/commercial products to marine, industrial & commercial builders and manufacturers, and large farm and ranch operations .

Company Mission: Inform, service, and supply those who specify and/or use treated wood and marine construction products. Consult with the customer to make the purchase experience cost effective, pleasant, and satisfying. Supply the correct building products economically and on time to make each project successful.

Company Motto: Be the best at what you do and do business with those who are too.

Company Description: Building Products Plus is a Houston-based distribution and manufacturing company serving Texas, Louisiana, and the entire Gulf Coast region. We offer extended life marine construction materials, distinctive manufacturing services, and building materials solutions to all users of extended life building materials.

Modus Operandi: Our Project Consultants work with the decision maker to integrate the design, installation, material, and cost components of each project to assure its success. We supply from our locations or via supply partners.

History of Building Products Plus

Building Products Plus was established in 1993 in South Houston, TX focusing on supplying bulkhead and retaining wall materials, treated lumber, timbers, poles, pilings, and posts to the marine and shoreline construction and farm and ranch markets of Texas and the Gulf Coast region.

While maintaining our core market focus, we have since expanded to become a manufacturer of industrial and commercial products such as timber trusses, equipment saddles, and other large industrial wood products. Our supply business is growing at an impressive rate with numerous projects reaching from coast to coast and beyond.

Thank you for visiting BuildingProductsPlus.com. We look forward to serving your extended life building materials needs. Our products are stronger and last longer.

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