Timber Trusses & Beams

Custom Structural Timber Trusses

Building Products Plus manufactures beautiful and strong custom structural timber trusses and mechanically-assembled treated beams. In addition, we produce other custom structural/architectural products such as large corbels and solid uniform poles and diameter columns.

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Timber Trusses - Custom Manufactured, Any Shape or Length

Any size, any length, any design; we will manufacture the timber trusses for you project. If you need the trusses designed, you can work with our Project Consultants to decide upon the best design based on structural and aesthetic needs as well as costs and time. If you have the design, provide us with the specifications and we will make precisely what you need.

We have built impressive trusses covering spans as long as 70 feet using many kinds of wood from Douglas Fir to Cedar to Southern Yellow Pine and have a very successful track record.

From Idea to Installation

Building Products Plus offers a completely turn-key timber truss experience for your project.

From design through on-site installation, our teams of professionals works with you to turn your timber truss ideas into engineered drawings that we fabricate, deliver, and even install.

The five parts of any timber truss project include: 

  1. Design: from sketches to architectural blueprints
  2. Engineering: engineer-stamped drawings that are ready to build
  3. Production/fabrication: expert production by skilled craftsmen
  4. Delivery: nationwide, with all permits and details handled
  5. Installation: working with you and your construction team to complete the project

We help you with any or all of these steps to ensure a successful timber truss project that creates the kind of impressive finished project you're looking for.

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Handcrafted Custom Timber Trusses
The Possibilities are Endless

Wood Finish Options

If no special finish is specified, your timber trusses and beams will be delivered "unfinished", which is the standard rustic appearance for most timber trusses and beans. You have multiple finishing, chamfer, and staining options, including:

  • Unfinished (the Standard) — Unsanded, natural “rough sawn” look
  • Hand Hewn — the antique planed-by-hand look
  • Distressed — a rough, aged appearance
  • Planed — smooth but unsanded
  • Planed and Sanded
  • Chamfered or Routed Edges
  • Stained and/or Painted — your choice of brand and color

Timber Truss Restoration and Matching

We build timber trusses to match historical or damaged trusses.Common projects include trusses for churches, school buildings, restaurants, as well as other historical buildings.

Every restoration project will start with a detailed analysis of the building, its structural needs and the current building codes. We will make sure every detail of the matching or restorations process is just right — from design to finish — so a close relationship with our clients is key.

A good example of our expertise in restoring or matching heavy timber trusses is the “Pier 29 Boat House Project”. We rebuilt the Pier 29 Boat Shed (San Francisco, CA) which was damaged by a fire. 15 massive timber trusses were needed – they had to match the historical design, meet current load requirements and the trusses had to be delivered in 2 months.

Read the full story by SBCA magazine (page 14).

Treated Mechanical Beams

Treated mechanical beams are constructed based on the required load and span and are composed of layers of Treated timbers or lumber held together by an ultra high quality glue and fastened with high-strength hardware. They are attractive, interesting, durable, and strong. Contact us online or call (800) 816-0335. 

Not only did the trusses arrive on schedule, but the quality of the components and craftmanship was exceptional… Read full testimonialKenneth Burg

After hours of calling all of the big lumber yards and building suppliers, I was more than a little pleased when you did some instant and diligent research for me. You found a solution to my problem.Gary U.

Custom Corbels - up to 17 inches wide

We produce beautiful custom corbels up to 17 inches wide for exterior applications such as custom homes, patios and gazebos, commercial structures, and beach homes. We treat after cutting so every part of your corbel is well protected from the harmful elements. We make the process simple for you - simply send us a drawing of what you want with the dimensions you need and we can make your corbels. Interior corbels can be produced as well. Contact us online or call us at (800) 816-0335 to ask about corbels.

Engineered Lumber

In addition to manufacturing Timber Trusses and Mechanically Constructed Beams, we also supply Engineered Lumber (LVL, PSL, LSL, and Truss Joists). This is fabricated lumber composed of wood products (veneer, wood chips, oriented strands, or some combination) and bonded by long-lasting adhesives to ensure the structural integrity. Contact us online to discuss your engineered lumber needs.

The Advantages of Engineered Lumber

  • Engineered lumber has significantly higher design stresses than conventional lumber.
  • Engineered lumber has higher allowable horizontal sheer stress than traditional sawn timbers.
  • Available in architectural grades.
  • Engineered lumber can be pressure treated to retention levels allowing for above ground use and ground contact.
  • They are capable of bearing heavier loads than traditional sawn timber.
  • They can be used in applications requiring longer spans.
  • Engineered lumber is aesthetically pleasing – they can be used in designs demanding the strength of steel but with the look of wood.
  • When pressure treated, engineered lumber will last significantly longer.

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