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Daily Deliveries & Safety

Construction is an essential industry and we’re here in full force to supply your projects. We are delivering daily! For your safety and the safety of our drivers, they are equipped with an arsenal of sanitizers and cleaners and the understanding that we’re all in this together. While they can’t offer the usual handshake, you...
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Building Products Plus Swaps Diesel Forklifts for Cleaner Natural Gas Forklifts

Houston-based Building Products Plus has taken another step toward running leaner and greener by switching their entire fleet of forklifts from diesel to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) forklifts.  Building Products Plus is what you might call “green” already.  Several years ago, they switched their entire delivery fleet, including semi’s and tilt-bed trucks, to all CNG-powered...
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Never Replace Your Pilings Again

Ecopile pilings are an exceptional alternative to wood pilings designed to extend the longevity of your marine structure. Due to the ever-growing restrictions of using treated wood in water, wooden pilings are now having to be replaced more often than before.  Since the untreated pilings are completely exposed, they are quickly being ravaged by weathering, fungus,...
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