Never Replace Your Pilings Again

EcoPile pilings are an exceptional alternative to wood pilings designed to extend the longevity of your marine structure.

Due to the ever-growing restrictions of using treated wood in water, wooden pilings are now having to be replaced more often than before.  Since the untreated pilings are completely exposed, they are quickly being ravaged by weathering, fungus, and wood boring organisms.  For this reason, the pilings’ life cycles are being nearly halved.

The EcoPile is the first piling engineered by and for the marine contracting industry.

EcoPile is a vinyl-fiberglass piling that is totally impervious to wood boring organisms, UV/IR resistant, and structurally strong.  And since the EcoPile isn’t made up of wood, it has a much longer lifespan than traditional wood pilings.

Structurally Sturdy

The EcoPile was not only designed to replace existing wood pilings, but to outlast them.  To ensure this, the EcoPile pilings have internal trusses for reinforcement and grooved retention rings for the pilings to easily lock in to the ground.


UV/IR, Weather, and Impact Resistant

Since the EcoPile is a composite of fiberglass and vinyl composite, the outer layer is UV/IR and weather resistant while the fiberglass’s strength lends to impact resistance.



Eco Means…

To circumvent the restrictions of treated pilings coming into contact with water, the EcoPile was designed to be 100% environmentally friendly.  EcoPile pilings are ensured to be 100% recyclable, 100% free of leaching chemicals, and maintenance free.


Discover More About EcoPile

Visit our page about EcoPile Vinyl Pilings to learn even more about its benefits, or go ahead and contact us online or call (800) 816-0335 to get a quote.

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