FSC® Certified Timber Trusses Now Available

American Pole and Timber can now manufacture FSC certified® timber trusses and other custom structural wood products.

As part of their dedication to supply products that meet LEED and other green building standards, American Pole and Timber in Houston, TX has developed a product groups control system that meets the requirements of, and has been approved by, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification system and can now manufacture and distribute “FSC® 100% and/or FSC® Mix Lumber Products.”

American Pole and Timber has been supplying FSC certified® lumber and wood products for a while now. This new certification means they can custom manufacture finished products from FSC certified® raw materials and those finished products can carry the FSC certified® designation.

Points for LEED Certification

“This means we can supply FSC certified® custom structural wood components such as timber trusses for LEED projects.” says Eric Lincoln, Sales Manager at American Pole and Timber.

Eric says having the FSC® certification for products like timber trusses can earn a lot of points in the “Materials and Resources” category – and maybe others — of the LEED certification process and help designers and builders earn the coveted Platinum LEED rating.

Additional information about American Pole and Timber’s FSC® and other green building certifications are available.