Engineered Wood Fiber Products

Building Products Plus offers engineered wood fiber to be used as playground mulch, dog park topping, horse arena surface and similar applications. Call us at (800) 816-0335 TOLL FREE or contact us online to get a quote.

Playground Mulch

For playground use our engineered wood fiber meets industry standards for use on playgrounds and other outdoor play areas.

100% Virgin Wood for a Soft, Safe Landing

Building Products Plus’ engineered wood fiber is made of 100% virgin wood. You don’t have to worry about sharp objects or toxic materials in our wood fiber products.

Our manufactured engineered wood fiber only shows minimal bark content and is free of twigs, leaf debris and other organic material.

Building Products Plus carefully monitors the type and size of our wood fiber.Our uniquely engineered playground mulch provides a soft and springy surface to cushion falls but is still strong enough for stroller and wheelchair use. We also make sure rain water can pass through quickly to provide an always-dry playground surface.


  • Natural, chemical-free play surface compared to the refined rubber version
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain – High-usage areas such as under the swings can easily be topped off
  • Durable
  • Less messy compared to sand
  • Cost-effective delivery for bulk orders

Your Engineered Wood Fiber Project

To order your high quality playground mulch, animal bedding, or other engineered wood fiber products, please call one of our friendly and knowledgeable project consultants at (800) 816-0335 TOLL FREE or contact us online.

We look forward to hearing about your project.

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